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A Droitwich Chiropractor A "Droitwich Chiropractor" aka Ian Smith is an imaginary provider of Chiropractic services in Droitwich, Worcestershire.

Our objective is the use of Chiropractic techniques to try and relieve suffering caused by Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hip Pain, Sports Injuries, Joint Pain and Whiplash.

Please note that this site is an intellectual exercise not a real business

Back Pain, Neck Pain, Hip Pain, Sports Injuries, Joint Pain and Whiplash

Ideally NHS doctors look at symptoms and then causes and possibly offer medicines to alleviate the pain whilst the cause is addressed. But do you ever wonder if the bit about finding the cause gets put to one side sometimes as it is "obviously an injury caused by running 50 miles a weak" and the doc. has only got five minutes to see you?

Then consider that the industry norm is for a chiropractor to spend between 30 and 45 minutes on each patient during their first visit and generally at least 30 minutes for each follow up.

Back Pain
Back pain is a common condition which pretty much everyone has suffered from. Untreated it can develop into a serious issue resulting in immense pain and ultimately impairing your ability to walk

Neck Pain
Sometimes neck pain is caused by dehydration especially if you drink too much or just an old pillow. But sometimes there are real issues and as the vertebrae in the neck are very delicate and can be easily damaged you need an expert in a variety of different neck pains.

Sports Injuries
Many athletes compete and train knowing that they have an injury and hide this with painkillers and anti-inflammatories, yes there is a difference. This can often lead to further damage as well recurrent injuries. Can a chiropractor help, yes!

Joint Pain/Whiplash
Chiropractic is sometimes appropriate for joint pain, accidents such as a car crash or repetitive actions can cause joint pain that is susceptible to such treatment. But quite often joint pain is a result of age and the loss of cartilage and this is outside the scope of chiropractic treatment.

Who Should I Trust?

Many people spend longer on deciding what kettle to buy than they do on deciding upon their medical experts, yet your health is more important than a blue or yellow light. So go to a professional, go to a qualified chiropractor go to Ian Smith, who has undertaken four years of formal education at the Shicargo School Of Chiropractic followed up with years of practical experience.

Chiropractic Fees

Our fees would be broadly in line with those of other Chiropractors in Droitwich, whilst they are non negotiable we are investigating the possibility of providing some sort of payment plan. However the regulations relevant to consumer credit causes issues as they were never designed with medical procedures in mind, theoretically payment by a general purpose credit card is also problematic. Which is why in the USA there are specialist single market cards, these cards may only allow for the payment of a single type of service such as a chiropractic session.

Off The Shelf Pain Killers

In common conversation and on the supermarket shelves we talk about pain killers as if they are all the same, but there are three very different types. The most important difference is what they do, do they block pain (opioids) or stop the process that causes pain (NSAIDs)

non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS)
These work by blocking the signals that say there is an injury so start the more extreme and painful repair processes. With these drugs the brain never receives the signal that says there is a problem so you can carry on and destroy tissue under repair!

Opioids cause the brain to be lied to, the actual repair process still is taking place but the brain never gets the message. The signals that say "yowch that hurts" are blocked in the same way as the telephone system at HMRC is blocked the day before tax returns are due.

This is one of those cases where yes it clearly works, but no one knows why.

How Can Chiropractic Help As I Age

In 2012 by the British Chiropractic Association carried out research which saw a massive 48% of people saying that they had back pain. This may be because we all tend to concentrate on what we can see and we can't see our spine, added to which we no longer cycle, run or play much sport.

When you next send you car in for an MOT, instead of waiting around or having a coffee why not get a "chiropractic MOT" for yourself.

History Of Chiropractic

Most sources define Chiropractic as alternative medicine which sad as this implies that it is not real or effective, yet a chiropractor would be lost without x-rays and a medical knowledge that Cleary define cause and effect.

The reason for this is that chiropractic was originally based on mystic nonsense, notions that modern chiropractors have long since discarded. Go to a chiropractor today and explain that you have a pain and if the x-ray says cancer, you will be redirected to the NHS, not have your soul treated.

Customer Testimonials
I highly recommend Ian for chiropractic treatment, he is absolutely brilliant.

I continue to undertake treatments in chiropractic's and am delighted with the results. The staff are professional, the environment professional and not at all Alternative or Hippy.

Hopefully I will never need to go back, but if I do I would do so without hesitation and would recommend A Droitwich Chiropractor to friends. I did my back in in the gym, but the diagnosis and treatment over ten weeks has both alleviated the pain and helped me back to full fitness. Highly recommended

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